The advance of the global digital economy and ever-increasing digital transformation has brought forth new challenges for the Jewelry Industry. Digital technology adoption, however, is still at a very nascent stage in the Jewelry Industry. Future success will depend a lot on identifying and connecting effectively with different customer segments.

Millennials have long dominated the marketing budgets of industries. The future belongs to Generation Z which is influencing the market like never before. So, what is the key to connecting, marketing and selling to 15–25-year-old Gen Z’s?

Gen Z is the most social media savvy generation in the world. Gen Z grew up using and loving apps like Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and more such applications. They are part of the ever-growing global community in the billions, comparing products, experiences, and opinions.

Gen Z has a total spend estimated to reach a whopping $163 billion in 2019 alone.

This makes them a veritable high impact consumer group for all businesses and industries. Understanding the demands and needs of these Gen Z customers will go a long way towards generating strong profits.

The jewelry industry which has traditionally thrived on personal trust and long-standing relationships needs to adapt and reach out to the Gen Z shoppers.

With over 95 million posts in a single day generating 4.2 billion likes, Instagram offers brands and retailers a massive opportunity to reach out to potential customers. Over 80% of all purchase decisions online are influenced by these digital social gateway applications.

It’s all about recognizing the pulse of unique customer segments and adapting products and services to suit their requirements.

Gen Z despite being so digitally immersed still values good customer service, attention to detail and products which appeal to their core beliefs and sensibilities. Being connected to friends and trusting their opinions, Gen Z thrives on online recommendations and reviews. The jewelry industry and its products are closely connected with life experiences.

Jewelry retailers can leverage experiences and genuine reviews about jewelry products for engagement, graduation, valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, weddings and other such occasions.

Gen Z consumers are socially and environmentally conscious, gender-neutral and gender-aware and care about honesty and genuine brand messaging. They are ready to splurge, and jewelry businesses have to focus on building both their social media and digital profiles. Adapting to changing digital customer segments and adopting digital apps will secure the future of the jewelry industry.

It’s time to move beyond just emails as the main communication channel and start recognizing and implementing digital tools to optimize product offerings and services.

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