Businesses are a very significant part of the World’s economic activities. Businesses are related to many genres and there are many ways that people have used to promote their business in the past. These ways included the use of radio transmission, newspapers, and telegrams. However, considering these ways have become outdated and advertising via print media isn’t the most effective way of marketing, digital marketing is the most common and effective way of marketing. Good marketing is always crucial for a business’s success and choosing the right medium for promoting your business is also important. Therefore, here are 9 ways you can use digital marketing for the growth and promotion of your business:

  • Social Media Marketing

The most recent medium of digital marketing is marketing through social media websites. Social media is arguably the most groundbreaking invention in the 21st century. Initially, it was made for people to connect with each other online regardless of their distances. However, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have evolved a lot and not only these platforms are turning out to be great for social interactions, these platforms have made business quite feasible as well. It is extremely cheap to promote your business on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, you can also push advertisements on the platform, making it even easier for people to notice your product or your services.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Another very essential and underrated way of digital marketing is affiliate marketing. Consider a person who has a great online reach in the form of a highly followed social media page or a highly viewed website. He/she can market your product on his platform in the form of a promotion, review or giveaway. In return, you can award that particular person in ways such as giving the person a small percentage of share in the profits made by your product or a hefty commission. This is a way of marketing many businesses use. You can also hire many affiliates who can market your products anonymously on various platforms.

  • Television Advertisements

One of the most basic ways of marketing your product or your services is via television advertisements. We see a lot of advertisements while watching televisions and these advertisements also motivate the consumers to buy the marketed product. Although these advertisements are extremely common and very effective, this is not the most cost-effective way of marketing as it requires a huge amount of investment to market your product on a reputable television channel.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a great way of online marketing. Many companies hire content creators who also have expertise in the field of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is basically the usage pf certain words or keywords that can improve a website’s position in the search results of any search engine. Although many search engines keep changing their searching algorithms to avoids any tricks to manipulate their results, still many SEO experts have managed to find ways to rank any website on the top of the search results of any search engine.

  • Social Influencers/ Brand Ambassadors

Another common way of marketing a product is by hiring brand ambassadors or social influencers. These brand ambassadors and social influencers have a huge social following, which is the reason why their words have importance and people trust what they say or promote. Although these massively popular personalities can promote your product very effectively, however, they require a fortune for promoting your product or you have to pay them on a yearly basis. This is not a suitable way for small business, however, large scale businesses can use this method to make their business grow even more.

  • Email Marketing

Another way of online marketing is email marketing. Many companies prefer using email as a source of promotion of their products or services. This method is quite cheap and for the most part, is free. Despite the cheapness of this method, it is still not very effective as these emails mostly get ignored by users.

  • Digital Display Marketing

Ever been to Times Square? Ever saw those huge digital banners. These banners look quite unique and eye-catching. These banners can potentially lure consumers into buying your product. However, these banners aren’t the cheapest way of marketing your product. This is a great way of marketing for high-scale businesses, however, for low-scale or new businesses, this isn’t the best option to consider.

  • Viral Marketing

This is probably the most unorthodox method of marketing a product for the growth of your business. This is somewhat related to both Social Media Marketing and Television marketing. People often go viral for anonymous reasons and sometimes, companies use these opportunities to market their product and in many cases, they are successful in their motives.

  • Mobile Marketing

Considering the fact that a massive share of global mobile users uses smartphones, mobile marketing turns out to be a great platform for digital marketing. Smartphones are mostly based on either IOS or Android. Both of these operating systems have a huge amount of applications in their application stores. This means that there are a lot of applications a company can push their advertisements on. This is not free for obvious reasons. However, the cost is quite minimal from a business perspective and the results show that this technique has been very effective. These ways can make your business grow effectively, however, it all depends on your marketing strategies and tactics to use the given methods effectively.

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