You might have heard about email marketing in today’s era, but do you know what it is actually? What are the basics of email marketing? How does it help a business to grow?

Well, this article is for your complete guidance about Email Marketing. In simple words, email marketing is a kind of internet marketing in which the emails of the customers and potential customers are used to build better business relationships with them. A direct mail is sent to potential customers or regular customers through this electronic technology. 

Anything that is done is excessive amount is wasted. Similarly, when you send too many endless emails to a customer, they might block you from their inbox. You might lose a potential customer. Email marketing and telemarketing are very crucial to handle. It would help if you focused on your marketing strategies to grab the attention of your customers through emails. It also keeps the customer updated about the current sales or events through their marketing emails.

With the evolution of telemarketing, people consider email marketing to be outdated and dead. However, it is somewhat true. Email Marketing was on the peak when the Internet started, and it turned out to be an essential tool for marketers. Even today, 85% of the retailers in the U.S use email marketing to reach out to their customers. Hence, we can say that email marketing never gets old.

Why is email marketing being used extensively?

The ultimate reason to opt for email marketing is to have an authentic relationship with the customers and make them your regular customers. It helps people to learn about your new arrivals, offers, discounts, promotions and all. It has been considered as one of the best ways to remain interactive with the audience. Do you know? 28% of the shoppers in the U.S subscribe to the product or store emails to receive updates and stay informed about that particular brand.

Why is email marketing important for an internet marketing campaign?

According to a study, almost half of the world’s population still utilizes emails in 2020. Reports say that is number is about to increase by up to 4.3 billion by the year 2023. Research also calculated that about 92% of adults use emails, and 61% of email users are busy sending and receiving emails per day. It helps in reaching the target market of the brand.

The following are some of the significant reasons that prove why email marketing should be a part of your Internet Campaign. Businesses of all sizes may take advantage of it to reach their correct target audience because a company increases its visibility amongst the customers through email marketing. Even your competitors are using it as their marketing strategy, so how can you stay back?

The marketing reports concluded that about 1.45 million emails are sent in a month and the U.S companies send 1.38 million of these. It is imperative to adopt this strategy to remain competitive and active in digital marketing

Following are six main reasons for email marketing:

  1. Extremely Cost-Effective

It is one of the best and cost-effective marketing strategies to engage your target audience. Email Marketing costs too little as compared to other marketing techniques such as Print Ads or Tv ads. You need to hire people for it and pay them with the right amount, whereas in email marketing, you only have to buy email marketing automation services. They cost minimal as compared to others.

 It also provides a high return on investment (ROI). According to a report study by Campaign Monitor, each 1$ that is spent on email marketing generates about $38 in ROI. It is the best option for businesses with small budgets.

  • You can personalize content 

An accurate data about your potential customer is must be needed to customize an email for them on a personal level. It would trigger them to check out that email. Marketing should be done according to an individual’s personal preferences.

The least you can do to personalize an email is, refer to that person by their original name. It would force that person to click on that email and open it. This will increase the clickthrough rates as compared to those emails that have missing subject lines.

  • Email Marketing can be interactive

In email marketing, interactive content can be made to grab the attention of potential customers at a meager rate. It would maintain their interest and increase their curiosity about your product. You can send them pictures and videos of your brand or a particular product to keep them entertained.

  • Easy to measure the progress and marketing efforts

To get the satisfaction that your marketing is working for your brand, you can easily track the metrics of email marketing. You can easily see how many customers opened their emails. If they’ve opened it, there are 80% chances that they have read that email too. When a person unsubscribes from the list, it can also be seen, and you’ll know how many people dislike your content or brand. You can contact them later, and ask for an apology for anything inconvenient that made them unsubscribe from your list.

  • Email is a communication platform

A study reveals that about 91% of the user check their emails at least once a day. It is an essential communication platform for users to have business-related discussions with their clients to receive or send information. You can very efficiently use this factor to reach your audience and interact with them.

  • Mobile Customers become an easy target

The number of mobile users in the world by the year 2019 was increased to five billion. It remains with the customer 24/7 that gives you easy access to forward your message to them. Every time a person checks his/her phone, there’s an opportunity for a brand to reach out to them. Design a creative and responsive content to make your brand stand out in the inbox of your target.

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