What is Email marketing and six reasons why it should be part of your internet marketing campaign?

You might have heard about email marketing in today’s era, but do you know what it is actually? What are the basics of email marketing? How does it help a business to grow? Well, this article is for your complete guidance about Email Marketing. In simple words, email marketing is a kind of internet marketing



The expanded use of the internet in the 21st century has made quite a lot of things easier for the people. It has its pros and cons that depends totally upon how the user uses it and gets benefit from it. One of the most popular and trending uses of the internet is making money


Importance of Business intelligence in today’s competitive environment for every kind of business

Business Intelligence is probably one of the most commonly discussed terms in the field of business management. According to Forrester Research, Business Intelligence or BI is a set of processes, architectures, and technologies that tend to convert raw data into useful and relevant information that motivates profitable business actions. Business intelligence is an extremely essential


UX — Evolving from Design Thinking to Product Thinking

In today’s digital world, what comes to your mind when you hear optimized UX (User Experience). A customer-centric approach towards building websites and applications that puts user personalization ahead of all other design aspects. The base philosophy behind the Design thinking approach is understanding the unique behavior, psychology, and requirements of customers. Building a user


“Disruptive” Digital Technology and the future of the Jewelry Industry -2020 and beyond!

The advance of the global digital economy and ever-increasing digital transformation has brought forth new challenges for the Jewelry Industry. Digital technology adoption, however, is still at a very nascent stage in the Jewelry Industry. Future success will depend a lot on identifying and connecting effectively with different customer segments. Millennials have long dominated the

Major Trends in Ecommerce in 2020

E-commerce is big and it’s here to stay. Who would have thought that online shopping would become a trillion-dollar market from the humble beginnings of the early 1990s? In today’s day and age, we are never too far from the digital ecosystem. Rapid advances in mobile technology and devices have enabled us to enjoy the

Analytics – A must for all website

Your E-commerce website seems to very popular, and your visitor count is steadily increasing, but these numbers are not actually translating into concrete sales. Consider Analytics to be the gatekeeper that analyses and monitors your website and its visitors, providing valuable insights to boost your online revenue. In a highly competitive marketplace, E-commerce businesses need