Ways to promote your business through digital marketing

Businesses are a very significant part of the World’s economic activities. Businesses are related to many genres and there are many ways that people have used to promote their business in the past. These ways included the use of radio transmission, newspapers, and telegrams. However, considering these ways have become outdated and advertising via print


UX — Evolving from Design Thinking to Product Thinking

In today’s digital world, what comes to your mind when you hear optimized UX (User Experience). A customer-centric approach towards building websites and applications that puts user personalization ahead of all other design aspects. The base philosophy behind the Design thinking approach is understanding the unique behavior, psychology, and requirements of customers. Building a user

Optimising for local search is key for small business websites

Marketing and optimizing your business website for online success follows the tried and tested routines of having your site indexed on google and then ensuring that your website’s relevance in the search rankings goes up with time. Going after site ranking on search engines is not the most important aspect of SEO. Yes, it will